21 days trial

Day 1

I have to admit, I woke up this morning with this feeling of “eh, maybe I’ll do this another time.” It’s a common theme with me. I get so excited with the planning and thinking about the experience, and the challenge. The execution of the plan is a different matter. I was the exact same way with school- I love the idea of going to classes, researching and writing papers. When it came time to actually do it, it suddenly didn’t seem as fun. Half marathon training- more of the same. I love the idea of working hard in training, getting up early to run, having a goal to accomplish. Ask me how often I actually ran during half marathon training.

Despite that past behavior, I shall plug along with this challenge. I’ve already told people, and if there’s anything I hate more than the work it’s disappointing other people. So I’m pressing on. Plus, I really can’t face another family get together or special occasion where I kick myself for not getting into shape after the last one.

Day 1
I took my measurements this morning:
Starting weight: 224
Chest: 42 ¼”
Waist: 38 ½”
Hips: 49 ½”
Right thigh: 30 ¼”
Right Arm: 16 ½”

My plan is to weigh and measure every Tuesday for the 3 weeks I’m doing this. Who knows if much will change in 21 days, but I like to measure things anyway.

ScrambleBreakfast is always hard for me. I’m not usually hungry and I’m incredibly lazy in the morning. But today I decided that eating at home would be the best decision. I threw some bacon in the frying pan. After it was cooked I added diced green onion and red pepper and a splash of Kerrygold butter. Last I added one egg and scrambled. At first it didn’t look like nearly enough egg to go with the amount of veggies and bacon I had. But after eating it, it turned out to be the exact right amount.

Really if I could eat every meal at home I would be a happy camper. Since I was too stuffed last night after my nacho and ice cream feast, I ended up not prepping lunch for today. So this morning I had to steam some broccoli which I added to sauteed red pepper and beef. I added a touch of garlic sauce. Yum! I’m out the door.

My first instinct was to stop somewhere and pick up a treat. My usual morning go-to was the Bolthouse Farms Mocha Protein Drink. At first, I figured it wasn’t too bad since it’s gluten-free. But when I actually read the label and saw that there is a bunch of sugar in those, well it didn’t really stop me from drinking them almost daily, but they are off the list now!

It felt weird to just leave the house and go straight to work. But there was nowhere to stop and nothing to buy. I already ate this morning. I’m not hungry. Really, the treats are just something to be excited about since I’m usually not too excited to go to work.

That will be the true test throughout the next 21 days. I often get bored and work and go in search of something to cheer me up- some chocolate, a coffee drink, some chips. Guess I’ll have to find something else to do to occupy my time when I’m feeling the need to wander.

Snack– almonds, pellegrino

Started getting super hungry around 11:30. This hasn’t happened to me in quite a while. Maybe because I was thinking about this blog and thus thinking about food I got much hungrier earlier than usual. Or perhaps I do need to eat two eggs in the morning 🙂

Brain fog, sleepiness, lack of concentration. That’s what I’m feeling right now. I’ve had this feeling before at work, but it seems extra worse today. Thankfully I have a meeting to go to soon (I know, I’m weird, I like meetings) and that should occupy me for a while.

Lunch was beef stir fry with red peppers, broccoli, and a garlic sauce. The portion was tiny because I was trying to use up the last bit of leftovers I had. I think tonight’s dinner will be huge to make up for it.

After lunch I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to get up and do something. I took a walk to the grocery store nearby. IBeef stir fry day 1 grabbed the darkest chocolate I could find and a coconut water. I had one square of the chocolate and stashed the rest away in my desk drawer.

This evening brought an unexpected visit to Trader Joe’s. While it isn’t really that far from my house, I hardly ever go there on account of the fact that it’s at the top of a huge freaking hill. But this time I had a ride! Once I got there I was like a kid in a candy store- I was grabbing steaks left and right. Mmmm…steak.

I got home with a newfound energy and suddenly felt as if I didn’t know what to do with myself. Out of habit I just decided to make dinner. Growing up, dinner happened the second my mom walked in the door. I guess I’ve just been trained to eat promptly at 5pm.

Dinner- take 1
With Jon Stewart serenading me as I cooked, I threw together a zucchini noodle dish with sauteed onions, little baby bell peppers, and spicy Italian sausage. I covered the whole lovely mix with pesto.  I ate a few bites and it was pretty satisfying. Most of it has been packed away for lunch tomorrow.

Again, I was feeling a bit restless. Yoga is something that always say I do, but really, going to class less than once a month does not a yogi make. I dug the yoga mat out from behind some boxes and did 20 minutes of refreshing yoga.

Dinner- take 2
Feeling renewed and calm, I decided to get a bit adventurous. For reasons I’m not quite sure of, I bought an eggplant while I was at TJ’s. I think eggplants are beautiful, but I’ve never been a big fan of the taste. I guess that’s changed?  For tonight’s big adventure I fried eggplant slices which had been drenched in egg and a coconut flour mixture. Pretty fried eggplant day 1freakin tasty. Probably can’t do that every night since it was a bit heavy, but mmmm it hit the spot tonight.

As I’m wrapping this up, it’s about 9 pm and I am wide awake. Typically, in the past I would have been spent and hour ago.

Day one was a success. But I’m not surprised. I’ve had hundreds of day ones. The newness of it all is so exciting. I’ve even had hundreds of day twos. The real test comes at days 3, 4, 5 and the rest after that when it’s not so new and exciting anymore.


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