21 days trial · cooking

Day 2

I am draggin’ ass today. I had so much energy last night that it took me a while to wind down. I must have at least fallen asleep before 11 since I missed a text from the boyfriend at 10:45. I woke up after a while, thinking that it was my usual 4 am wake up time. Nope- it was about 2:30…and I just couldn’t fall back asleep. I finally did and slept for what felt like 5 minutes. Around 6 I fed the cat and crawled back in bed. I think it was almost 7 by the time I got up. Now, for the longest time this was my usual pattern- wake up in the middle of the night, and then try to snooze until the last possible second. But more recently, when I stuck more closely to primal/paleo eating, I would wake up at 6 or slightly before and be ready to take on the world! Hopefully that comes back soon.


scramble day 2Thank goodness for eggs- the easiest breakfast to make. Today I had scrambled eggs with bacon,sauteed eggplant, and green onion. These last two days are the first time I’ve actually eaten eggs without covering them in gobs of cheese. I always thought I wouldn’t like them without it. I must say, with the right seasonings and some Kerrygold butter- AWESOME!

At work, I’m having a hard time again getting focused. For one, I’m mostly in the waiting phase of some projects I’m working on. Second, I keep getting distracted reading all kinds of paleo/primal blogs. I’ll start with one, which will link to another, which will link to another and another and soon I find I’ve fallen down the nutrition blog rabbit hole. Must stay focused!


Today I ended up eating lunch around 1. I definitely wasn’t as hungry as I was yesterday. I think I mostly just ate because I was bored. I had leftover zucchini noodles from last night.

zucchini noodlesI think tonight I’m going to try some yoga again or maybe a nice long walk if it’s not raining.

I spend a lot of time reading paleo, health, and nutrition blogs and forums. Like I said before, a lot of times I get sucked down the rabbit hole and before I realize it, hours have gone by.

The forums are the worst. I get sucked into the stories, the debating. Unfortunately, more often than not I feel like these forums don’t really add much of value to my life and my journey right now. It ends up being too much digital noise. I think they would be helpful if I had a specific question I was looking to have answered, but just a casual perusal takes me down too many diverted paths. Eat more of this! Eat less of that! I get so overwhelmed and switch directions too many times based on all of this advice that I really don’t give any one thing a fair shake before I chuck in out the window.

No, I think I need to cut the noise. The blogs are fine, although I should probably streamline those as well. There are a few I love that always provide food for thought- those will stick around. But the forums, those have gotta go! And the thing is, I’m becoming less and less interested in them but I keep reading out of habit. I need to find another distraction!

Tonight the spring air was full of rain. It felt like the sky could open up at any moment and rain cats and dogs. But it was fresh and uplifting at the same time. I could smell the flowers and the rain as I walked home.

The great thing about eating whole foods is that I can already feel an improvement in my overall energy levels and mood. When I was eating junk, I would often come home and be ready to crash at 6. Now I seem to have an even current running through my body (yeah, yeah, I know it’s only been 2 days but I feel great!). It’s almost making me restless. I did some yoga to see if I calm myself down a bit.


I tried to get creative. I made a steak- not the creative part, I’m getting to it! I still had some of my coconut flour mixture leftover from last night. I cut up some sweet potato sticks and coated them in the flour, and put them in the steak and potatoesoven. I’m not sure what I was thinking with the flour- maybe sort of a crispiness? Well, they just got soft with a floury coating. After they were done I sauteed them in a pan with the cut up steak and some Kerrygold butter. The flour got a bit crispier but really wasn’t what I was going for.  Plated and sprinkled with a bit of asiago cheese. Overall it wasn’t bad. I washed it down with some sparkling water with lime.

I really want a pint of ice cream. Chocolate peanut butter Hagen Daaz. Or whatever… I’m not hungry. It’s just such an ingrained habit to have a little treat at the end of everyday. It’s almost as if my day isn’t really finished without one. I wish I had a bigger hot water heater so I could take a nice hot bath. I need to come up with some other non-food indulgence to make my day feel complete.

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