21 days trial

Day 5

This morning I spent some time perusing an online forum about Paleo/Primal eating. Now, I’ve said before that I need to stop this since it’s way too much noise. I’ve also noticed that some (most) of the people on there seem to be so extreme or on the verge of an eating disorder. Now, maybe it’s just because of the context that I’m reading it- it is a forum about a diet/lifestyle. But really, it just seems that people are so focused on the minor details- how many carbs/proteins/fat/calories; oh no I ate a cookie what the hell do I do now? Or there’s the people who intentionally don’t eat for hours and restrict themselves in such a way that seems a bit extreme to me.

I’ve never been much for calorie counting. Even when I did Weight Watchers the idea of counting points, weighing and measuring food, just felt so unnatural to me. It seemed too restrictive, tedious, and left no room for intuition and trusting yourself. I guess you could argue that those programs work because the junk most of us eat has caused our bodies to go haywire and thus we can no longer rely on the signals it is sending.

Today was a lovely leisurely Saturday morning. Despite not going to bed until late (after 1am- yikes!) I was up bright and early. I love being up before the city wakes up and listening as it comes alive! Breakfast ended up being later than usual, partly due to my late night sweet potatoes and partly due to the fact that the boyfriend was sleeping in and the kitchen is literally 2 feet from my bed (yay studio living!). As soon as his eyes were open I had the food processor out and was making smoothies. My smoothie was strawberry, pineapple, Greek yogurt, coconut milk, kale, and spinach. I made one for the boyfriend subbing the pineapple for blueberries.

Breakfast 2/Early Lunch
The smoothie really hit the spot, but we had a trip to the Asian market planned and I didn’t want to go hungry. I decided to fix up some eggs. I made the boyfriend a scramble with bacon, green onions, and a crab cake. I had an egg scrambled with bacon, green onion, red pepper, and a bit of cheese. I topped it with some guacamole. YUM!

Despite it being a somewhat nice day outside and really wanting to be out, I was just consumed with overwhelming sleepiness. Instead of feeling bad about it, I just decided to give in and take a nap. It was great, although I’m still feeling a bit groggy.

For dinner I decided to make a taco scramble- ground beef, onions, taco seasoning, cheese, guacamole, and an egg of course. It was pretty good. I have leftover ground beef that I can use for something else.

I’ve been craving chocolate. Specifically chocolate peanut butter ice cream…or maybe some nutella. Instead I opted for a sparkling water with a touch of honey. It did the trick! I have to admit that I was very seriously consider going out to get some ice cream, but I guess this is the one time where being lazy really works in my favor. I just didn’t feel like going out. Really, my usual process is to eat clean and then “treat” myself with ice cream, telling myself that I’ll just start over tomorrow. One thing leads to another and then I’m right back where I started. I barely let myself get off the ground before I just give up. I’m glad I didn’t go out for the ice cream. I know that it’s not like I’ll never eat it again, but it will feel good to get some real progress under my (hopefully smaller) belt before I start indulging again.

Tomorrow I’ve got a long walk planned and a trip to the farmer’s market!

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