21 days trial · cooking

Day 6

Today has pretty much been the perfect Sunday. I got plenty of sleep last night and woke up bright and early this morning refreshed. It was nice to have a lazy morning in bed, reading and perusing the internet.

I wasn’t feeling super hungry but I had a long walk planned that morning so I figured it would be best to eat something. My kitchen was destroyed and not really conducive to cooking a big meal so I fried up a few pieces of bacon. Yum!

I then went on a 7 mile urban hike with my friend. I am so lucky to have friends that I can hang out with and it doesn’t revolve around food. She is actually the one who gave me the idea to do the 21 day challenge. She has had some health issues and is on an elimination diet. Despite the fact that she’s slim and in good shape, I feel really comfortable talking to her about my weight struggles.

The walk lasted almost 3 hours. Note to self- don’t go on a long walk without having an easy meal or snack ready when I get home. I was STARVING when I got home.

My kitchen was still a mess, so I headed out to the grocery store for something simple. I picked up a sweet potato and some Greek yogurt. When I got home I fixed up some baked sweet potato fries with a touch of cheddar cheese and a smoothie with berries, Greek yogurt, kale and spinach.

I was so tuckered out from the walk that I took a pretty epic nap. I’ve never been great at napping. Usually if i fall asleep during the day for any amount of time I’d be groggy and useless for the rest of the day. Today it did take me a few minutes to pull myself up off the couch, but I did manage to get up and clean my apartment. Felt good.

I also took a chance and tried on a pair of jeans that I’ve never been able to wear. I bought them about 3 years ago online. They are a size 16. Despite no lack of trying, I’ve never actually been able to wear them in public. There was one point a couple of summers ago when I was doing bootcamp and working out like crazy. I was still eating junk but less of it. I managed to dip below 200 lbs for a brief moment. I was able to put the jeans on but they were still just snug enough to be a bit uncomfortable. I tried them on today and I was able to pull them on AND button them 🙂 Still not suitable for public outings, but it made me feel good 🙂

I really wanted steak tonight for dinner, but the package I opened earlier in the work wasn’t properly sealed and the steaks went bad. Lesson learned- get plastic wrap!

Instead I opted to make a green veggie scramble with some roasted asparagus. The scramble had an egg, zucchini, green onions, and spinach topped with some garlic sauce (made by a local company with minimal whole ingredients). It was delicious. As I was eating it, this weird sensation came over me. My dinner was super healthy and truly delicious and I was enjoying it with feeling deprived or wishing it was something else. It was a good feeling- but so new and different from how I’ve felt in the past. I think the butter I used to cook the veggies definitely helped. Have I mentioned how much I love Kerrygold butter?

I made it through the weekend without falling face first into a bucket of french fries and a pint of ice cream. This feels like a major accomplishment. Tomorrow will be day 7, another major milestone for me. Here’s hoping week 2 feels as great!


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