21 days trial

Day 8

Today is day 8. One week completely down. Took my measurements this morning:

Weight: 217- down 7lbs!!! It took me MONTHS on Weight Watchers to even come close to that.
Chest: 42”- down ¼”
Waist: 37 ⅜”- down 1 ⅛”
Hips:48”- down 1 ½”
Right Thigh: 29 ½”- down ¾”
Right Arm:16”- down ½”

I made sure to not look at my starting measurements so I wouldn’t be tempted to cheat and place the measuring tape on a thinner part of my body. I feel awesome! So awesome, in fact, that I walked to work today even though it was a bit chilly and more than a bit windy.

And you know what will feel even more awesome? Making through another full week 🙂 That will be something I’ve NEVER done before!

I have tentative plans to go to yoga tonight. I know I said last week that by the time 5:30 rolls around I usually don’t feel like going. Well, I’ve also been complaining about being bored at night. Well, problem solved! Going to yoga gives me less time to be bored in my apartment.

I’ve decided to add a new challenge today. And that challenge is to not spend any money today. I’ve never been great with money. I’ve always had enough to pay my bills, but at the end of every two weeks I find myself counting pennies just to make it to payday. How does this happen? I’ve read stories of families of 4 living on half of what I make. Granted, I do have huge student loans to pay off, but still- I don’t have a mortgage, I don’t have a car, I rarely go on crazy shopping sprees. The truth is, when I go back and look at my debit card statement, most of my unnecessary purchases are on food- and food that I don’t even need! A few dollars here and there really adds up at the end of the week. Often I’ll go out and buy a little something when I’m bored or anxious. This habit is not good for my wallet or my waistline.

So today my plan is to not spend a single dime. I have everything I need. I went grocery shopping yesterday and stocked up on some veggies. I made a roast on Sunday so I’m all set for meat. I have eggs and a bit of cheese. It will feel good to eat what I have and not just add more to the pile. This will be tough since I can already feel the boredom creeping in and my desire to go grab a coffee or a treat.

Oh yeah- Breakfast
I wasn’t hungry, so I skipped it 🙂

I find my mind mind wandering again while I’m at work. So many paleo/primal blogs to read! It’s getting a bit out of hand. Today I started just emailing my home email the links to stuff I want to read. I’ll have to get to it later.

Since I didn’t eat breakfast, I was hungry for lunch earlier than normal- around 11am. I decided to go ahead and eat since I knew we were closing the office early and I could just eat a little something when I got home. Just like yesterday I had roast beef and asparagus- yum! I even had more food envy from a coworker. Unfortunately, her husband is vegetarian so I don’t think they’ll be making roast beef any time soon.

I almost passed my no spending challenge for the day. Around 1:30 I decided to by a coffee. It was a purchase that was definitely triggered by stretch. See, the reason the office was closing early was because there was a large protest planned for downtown that was expected to have a severe impact on the evening commute. Well, I guess some events earlier in the day got out of hand- people were smashing the windows of banks and other stores just a stones throw from my office. There was a heightened level of tension in the office. I was so distracted by the news that I couldn’t focus on work. My eyes were glued to the news. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I walked into the kitchen at work, really intending on grabbing a cookie. I thought better of it and opted instead to grab a coffee to calm my nerves (sound logic, eh?).

We ended up closing even earlier than originally intended. Overall, my experience was completely undramatic. Even though I was outside at the time all of the vandalism was happening, I was completely oblivious. Nothing even remotely happened during my commute home, and now I’m so far removed from the protests.

It’s something that I’m really trying to work on- sitting with my emotions and not medicating them. I’m making better choices these days, but am still a work in progress.

When I got home I was feeling amped and hungry. I decided to have a couple of pieces of leftover eggplant pizza washed down with some port. You know, for not being initially impressed by this pizza, I’m really enjoying it! Last night, I intended to only eat one piece and ended up eating 3…oops!

A couple of hours later I was feeling a bit peckish again. Dinner 2 was a taco scramble- eggs, ground beef, onions, tomato and a bit of cheese. Yum!

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