21 days trial

Day 10

Today was the first full day with my makeshift standing desk. I was so much more energetic and focused at work that I didn’t even have time to start writing this post! Normally I start it in the morning and then work on it throughout the day.

mushroom leek scrambleI decided that the smoothies weren’t enough for breakfast. This morning I made a delicious omelet with green onion and mushrooms. Fantastic! I felt pretty full and satisfied for most of the day.

So, I have to confess: I stepped on the scale this morning. Initially my intent was to just do it once a week, but after Tuesday’s success I just couldn’t help myself. I was up about a pound. At first I was bummed, but then I decided that I didn’t care. I feel amazing and I’m sure my body is still adjusting to this way of eating. I going to stay off the scale until next Tuesday.

Back to the standing desk. I got a lot of questions and comments from my coworkers. Apparently there was something on the news recently about the benefits of standing. I hadn’t seen it, but I had read some articles a while back about it. Really, I just wanted to mix things up.

Overall throughout the day I had a nice mix of sitting and standing. I had to hand write a bunch of notes, which I sat down to do . One of my coworkers thought I had just given up on the whole experiment. No, it’s just easier to write sitting down. I did all of my typing and email reading standing up. My legs were a bit tired by the end of the day, but overall it felt great.

As I said before, my breakfast really filled me up. I just started to feel the twinges of hunger around 1:45ish. I probably could have waited much longer to eat, but I had a meeting to go to and didn’t want my stomach to start growling during. I think I was also just ready to take a break from working and it felt like the right time.

I almost forgot- last night I made some tasty kale chips. I brought those to work today to eat with lunch. I think I baked them just a touch too long and they ended up having a slightly burnt taste to them. I’ll probably make another batch tonight or tomorrow.

It’s been pouring rain here all day-  not very conducive to walking home or playing outside. After standing at work most of the day, I decided to lounge about this evening…guilt free! It’s incredibly relaxing. Bubbly water and asiago cheese. Heaven!

After snacking on some cheese and a handful of pork skins (with garlic sauce of course!) I decided to just go ahead and make dinner. I made a delightful omelet with sauteed leeks and mushrooms. No meat this time. I ran out of bacon this morning.

I seem to have a wicked case of the munchies tonight! I’ve had a bit more cheese and a made some “froyo” using Greek yogurt, frozen strawberries, a touch of honey and some unsweetened cocoa powder. It was so tasty I didn’t even wait forsmoothie it to freeze all the way 🙂

I’ve been trying to think of something insightful to write here, but nothing is coming to mind. I think de-stressing and lounging has been good for me tonight.

More tomorrow…stay tuned!


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