21 days trial

Day 13

Today was a beautiful day in Seattle. The sun was shining, birds were chirping, and my kitty was happily snoozing in a sunspot on the floor for most of the day.

I had planned to go to a paleo potluck tonight, but after all of the socializing this weekend I decided to skip it and just chill out. I’ll catch the next one.

My morning got off to a slow start. I just didn’t feel like getting going. I think there may have been more sugar in the chocolate chips in the brownies last night than I thought because I think I had a bit of the sugar blues this morning.

Eventually I got up and took a walk in the morning sunshine. It felt good to get moving.

As usual, by Sunday my apartment, particularly the kitchen, is a mess, so cooking breakfast was a bit tough. I also didn’t really have much food on hand. I opted to use the last of the frozen blueberries and the kale to make a smoothie. It was ok. I just have a small food processor so it can’t really blend the kale, it just ends up chopped up. It was a pretty chewy smoothie.

After that a trip to the farmers market was in order. This was the second weekend for the market in the next neighborhood over. I had $20 in my pocket and I was ready to stock up for the week.

My strategy at the farmers market is always to do a walk through to get a sense of what is there and who has the best prices. Since it’s the beginning of the season, there still isn’t much available. Lots of kale, chard, asparagus, and radishes.

I hadn’t planned on buying meat, but I did need something for the week and I thought I had found a good, relatively inexpensive choice of chuck roast. When the guy put it on the scale and told me the price $15.50- my visions of coming home with a bag full of goodies quickly vanished. I felt bad about putting it back so I sucked it up and bought it. That left me with $4 to get some veggies. I opted for a bunch of chard at $2 a bunch. Nothing else looked appealing so I decided to leave.

I ended up walking home still feeling a bit bummed about my market experience and coming off of my sugar high from the previous night. Luckily, the day was sunny and my spirits lifted as I walked.

I stopped at the grocery store to supplement my 2 market purchases. I bought some bones for broth, eggs, and an eggplant.

By the time I got home I was utterly exhausted. I decided to nap the day away. A waste of a rare sunny day in Seattle? Maybe. But it felt nice.

Finally I dragged my ass out of bed as I started to feel a bit peckish. I roasted some sweet potato in the oven and ate it with garlic sauce. Yum!

After some brief cleaning, I decided to head back out to the grocery store to round out my food for the week. I came back with an onion, garlic, frozen strawberries, and 3 avocados. Now, I try to be as local and sustainable with my food as I can. And I do realize that avocados do not grow anywhere in Washington state, but I just couldn’t help myself.

I had a package of grape tomatoes that needed to be used quick. I decided to make a salsa with the tomatoes, onion, garlic, salt and a squeeze of lime. It looks a bit mangled but tastes awesome!

I also decided to revisit a dish from last week- fried eggplant. I did about 5 slices coated in egg and coconut flour and fried in coconut oil. I used the leftover egg to do a light scramble served with avocado, salsa and a sprinkle of cheese. My drink of choice for the evening- sparkling water with a squeeze of lime.

Tonight it hit me hard- I just did not feel like cooking and really just wanted to settle in with a handful of tacos and a beer. It would have been so easy to give in a stop at Taco Bell or to pick up some tortilla chips at the store. But I just couldn’t do it. I knew that I wouldn’t feel good if I had done it. I mean isn’t the point of this 21 days to get rid of my old vices and focus on eating real, unprocessed foods? I feel good about my decision to cook dinner, and I feel like I’ve set myself up for the week to eat well without too much work.

Someone asked me last night what happens after the 21 days. Well, I don’t know. My hope is that after 21 days I will have made such great progress that I’ll want to continue on with eating this way. It’s a lot of work and sometimes can be frustrating, but I feel GREAT! Better than I have in a long time. Plus, if I want to be a nutritional therapy practitioner as my next career move, I need to get my health house in order. Now is the time to make those change and set myself on a positive course.

Oh yeah- I also have dessert to look forward to. I mixed frozen strawberries with Greek yogurt and unsweetened cocoa powder and stuck it in the fridge. Mmm mmm can’t wait!


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