21 days trial

Day 15

Today is day 15 and the start of week 3. Stats to date:

Weight- 217- no change since last week. I’m neither surprised or upset by this. I spent the entire day yesterday eating, and I got a little carried away over the weekend. Just glad it’s not up!
Chest- 41 ½”- down ½”
Waist- 37”- down ⅜”
Hips- 47 ¾”- down ¼”
Right thigh- 29 ¼”- down ¼”
Right arm- 15 ½”- down ½”

Down in every category. That feels good. As I lay in bed this morning I did some reflecting on how this challenge has gone so far and how I would like the next week to go.

1. I felt awesome during the first week and a bit less awesome during this second week. I am attributing this dip in awesomeness to the weekend. I got a bit out of hand with the brownies and I did quite a bit of snacking. I’ve been losing touch with my hunger a bit. For the next week I would like to focus on eating 3 squares a day with no snacks. I did that pretty much all of the first week and it felt awesome. I’ve also been reading about adrenal issues and I think 3 solid meals a day will help with that.

2. I’ve gotten caught up in the weightloss and haven’t been thinking as much about the overall health. I don’t think this is uncommon. I’m only human and many humans are vain. I think it would be misleading to act as if weightloss isn’t a goal of mine. It isn’t the only goal, but it’s on the list. Even though I only record my weight once a week here, I’ve actually been stepping on the scale way more often. This week I’m going to stay away from the scale.

3. I’ve started to get lazy with my cooking. I think the novelty has worn off a bit. Lately I’ve found myself just pulling random food stuffs out of the fridge that don’t really go together just to have something to eat. Tonight’s attempt was a disaster- eggplant with a can of coconut milk and pretty much all of the curry I had in my apartment. It was gross.

I started the day off right with a scramble with sliced avocado, salsa and a cup of bone broth. The smell of the broth is something I’ll have to get used to, but I’ve heard that it’s good for you and since I didn’t have any meat with my eggs I figured what the hell.

I felt pretty solid until around 1:30.

Today’s lunch was one of those random combinations I was talking about earlier. I had some roast beef that I made over the weekend that I covered with marinara and a bit of parmesan cheese. I also had half a slice of avocado.

Tonight’s dinner was a bit of a disaster. I struggle with coming up with meals. Sometimes I’ll eat just broccoli or just bacon. Tonight started as just asparagus. It was ok. Then I attempted to make an eggplant coconut curry. There was potential there, but I botched it by using about half a bag of curry powder. It was…thick. I didn’t want to throw it away so I ate about half. I’ll probably throw the rest away tomorrow (I really do hate wasting food!).

I managed to get in some pushups and some squats. I do feel considerably stronger than I did two weeks ago.

I did some research online today and found some great paleo/primal recipes  to get me out of my food rut.

I know tonight’s post is a bit lackluster, but I’m just not in the mood to write. Hopefully more tomorrow.


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