21 days trial

Day 17

I have heard and firmly believe that weightloss success is 80% your diet and about 20% movement. Unfortunately, I’m giving both a little less than 100%. Now, I’m no math major but I don’t think that adds up to the best I can do.

But, I’m not too worried about it. Reclaiming (or maybe just claiming) my health is a lifelong journey and not just a one time deal.

My views have come a long way. I used to think (and definitely put into practice) that I could eat almost whatever I wanted as long as worked out for a few hours everyday- running, yoga, bootcamp, weights. You name it, I was into it.

Unfortunately, no matter how far I ran, the weight just wouldn’t come off. I would get a bit more muscle for sure, but that’s it. I also would end up ravenously hungry after my long runs. The only thing that could satisfy me were copious amounts of tacos and ice cream. Not that those things are inherently bad, but I was doing that EVERY WEEKEND.

Now I’ve come to realize that I can’t necessarily just work off a bad diet, or use intense exercise as an excuse to eat crap. I’ve also come to realize that if I eat the right foods, I likely don’t have to as much exercise. See- it all balances out in the end 🙂

But back to my first statement. I haven’t really been exercising that much at all these days. I do walk to work (2 miles) on occasion. I did make a standing desk at work so I’m not just sitting around all day. And sometimes I’ll even do squats and pushups while I’m at home. These things are all well and good, and are a huge improvement to my life. But I feel like I am still lacking a bit in this area. Exercise, when not too much, makes me feel AWESOME. I feel powerful, like I can take on the world.

I started the day off with a scramble. Eggs, leeks- yummy!

I find that eggs for breakfast fill me up for most of the day.

I didn’t end up eating lunch until after 2. I had leftover beef soup.  I’ve never been one for leftovers but I’m running low on food and cash, so this soup had to pull me through until payday.

I didn’t get very hungry in the evening, but I was craving something crunchy. I had recently read an old blog post at cavegirleats about sweet potato chips from Trader Joe’s. Now, I realize that these don’t technically qualify as “real food” but they only had two ingredients so I went for it. Lesson learned: sweet potato chips are dangerous in my house. I ended up eating the entire bag in one sitting. Granted, the bag wasn’t nearly as full as a normal bag of chips, but still…it was a bit much.

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