21 days trial

Day 18

Today started with the usual- a scramble with bacon, leeks, and a bit of cheese. Yummy!

I helped organize a spring cleaning day at work. The entire office (all 10 of us!) pitched in to give the entire office a good old scrub down. It was a great way to end the work week.

I have to admit I was a bit worried about lunch on spring cleaning day. The plan was a pizza party. I had a couple of options: 1. Pack my own lunch, claiming I forgot, and face questions from everyone else about why I wasn’t eating the pizza. I couldn’t really get away with this one since I helped pick out the pizza the day before. I also couldn’t just bring my own food without getting questions. 2. Skip the pizza all together and just hang out while people ate. Again, probably couldn’t get away with that without a lot of questions. 3. Eat the pizza and feel like crap. Didn’t really want to do this. Since I’ve been cutting out wheat, I’ve noticed that I don’t feel so great after eating it. It’s not worth it usually.

Turns out, I was presented with an option 4 without me even trying! In addition to pizza, our office manager also ordered salad. Yay! I had thought about asking for it, but I didn’t really want to get into it with the office manager about what I was and was not eating. The salad was good and I found I didn’t even miss the pizza. No one asked questions. Someone did tell me I had to take the rest of the pizza home, but I dodged that bullet. And there was enough salad to bring home for me and the boyfriend that evening.

Tonight the boyfriend was in town for the weekend. Yay! I convinced him to make me meatballs this weekend, and he did because he is awesome! He got into town late so we ended up having salad and other random things from my fridge for dinner. Kind of late I ended up making us each omelettes.

It was a wonderful and relaxing evening. I love that the boyfriend is so supportive of the way I am trying to eat. He doesn’t always remember and offers me things that aren’t on my list, but he doesn’t get offended when I say no.

Today was a good day. My capri pants are a bit looser than they were before and I’m feeling great!

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