21 days trial

Day 19

Today was a peaceful and lazy Saturday. The weather here in Seattle was beautiful and the boyfriend was in town hanging out.

Because we slept in a bit later than usual and the late night omelettes breakfast wasn’t high on the priority list. Boyfriend was kind enough to make me a couple of strips of bacon to tide me over until the meatballs were done. 🙂

I asked the boyfriend to make me meatballs. They always sound so yummy but I never make them for myself. I’ve gotten past the sqeemishness of touching raw meat, but I’m never sure how to cook them without burning them. Plus he has a real feel for spices- one of several reasons why I keep him around.

Turns out making them is pretty easy. We used 4 kinds of meat- beef, bison, pork, and lamb. Yummy! I missed the spicing of the meat, so I have no idea what he put in them, but they were awesome. He used a few eggs, an entire oven, and because he’s a good sport used coconut flour instead of wheat flour. He’s great.

After rolling them into balls, he made a small indent on the bottom which we filled with bacon jam. Bacon jam is one of the best things ever created. He put them in the oven for about 30 minutes, a quick broil at the end, and VOILA! Perfect meatballs 🙂

He even took it one step further and made a homemade sauce. Two cans of San Marzano tomatoes, olive oil, and some spices. Reduce on the stove. It was the perfect. Did I mention he’s great? I was in meatball heaven!

We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging about watching cooking shows on PBS- one of our favorite activities.

Unexpectedly, the boyfriend stayed in town an extra night. That meant we had to figure out dinner. Boyfriend was craving pizza after watching Lydia Bastianich made one on her show. I opted to go for a giant chopped salad. It was a tasty dinner. The pizza looked good, but again I wasn’t tempted. It’s a new feeling but a good one that I hope continues.


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