21 days trial

Day 21

Wow, today is day 21! I am very proud of myself for sticking to this as much as I did. It hasn’t been perfect, but this is by far the cleanest I’ve eaten ever…and it’s a jumping off point to bigger and better things. More on that reflection tomorrow 🙂

I had intended on having eggs for breakfast, but my kitchen was still a mess from the weekend. Instead, I opted to have the last of the beef soup I had defrosted last week. I thought I could just eat what was left, but it was just too much. Not sure how long the soup is still good for and how many times I can reheat it. I may have to just chuck it out 😦

Also, over the weekend I discovered how amazing kombucha is, so of course had to stop on the way to work and get one. Dang, those things are expensive! I am definitely going to have to make those a once a week treat. I love how sweet and tangy they are and the fact that there is no added sugar!

Work was busy today. I’m getting a new boss and she’s in town this week to shadow the current boss. Lot’s of exciting changes afoot.

Today’s lunch was leftover meatballs and sauce…I was in meat heaven 🙂

It was a rare day in Seattle. Sunny and almost 80. I had a meeting after work and decided to walk home. It was almost 8 when I left and the sun was still shining. I love days like this.

It was late and I was starving by the time I got home. I had gotten some chard from the farmers market weekend before last. I kept meaning to eat it and tonight was the perfect opportunity. I cooked up some bacon and tossed the chard (leaves and stems) in with the bacon. I sprinkled a bit of parmesan cheese. It was earthy and delicious. I loved it! I treated myself to a small glass of port for dessert.

I don’t think much will change tomorrow now that the 21 days are over. I feel awesome and I would like to continue to feel awesome for as long as I can. I’ll reflect more on that tomorrow.


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