What’s Next?

I’ve been trucking along with primal eating and feeling fantastic.

I did have a bit of a splurge this weekend. The boyfriend and I decided to splurge on tacos- my all time favorite food. I like the tex-mex, greasy spoon tacos with ground beef, lots of cheese, lettuce, and tomato.  We got a few tacos and an order of large nachos, with a side of chips and salsa- basically a fried corn feast! They were tasty, to be sure, but after I ate my fair share I was a useless blob for the rest of the day (and we ate early, at like 4ish). Granted, I did eat way too much, but when I eat primalish foods I can never eat that much. I felt bloated, sick, and basically just wanted to nap for the rest of the day. And that’s exactly what we did.

The best thing that came out of the weekend was that the boyfriend told me he wants to give this whole primal thing a try for 21 days! Last weekend I gave him my “21 Day Transformation” book by Mark Sisson. Apparently something spoke to him because he’s giving it a try. Today is his day 1, and I’m excited to see how it goes.

So what’s next for me? My next idea came to me before the taco-induced coma. We took a trip to the farmers market that morning. I love the farmers market- the sites, the sounds, the smells. I think produce is absolutely beautiful and I love all of the possibilities that come along with each produce stall. So, with that trip, I’ve decided that for one entire month I am going to purchase all of my food from the farmers market.

Luckily, I live in a city where I can find a farmers market on any given day. I also happen to live near the amazing Pike Place Market that offers an abundance of produce (although, not all local) on any given day.

Originally I was thinking of doing this in June, and I might still, but I think I need to start getting in the habit of shopping at the market during the week. I may wait until July, since there will be a bit more available later in the season.

I’m excited for this. I think it will be a fun challenge and force me to get creative with my cooking. Plus, how can I not stay primal if my main choices when grocery shopping are meat and veggies?

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