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You don’t have to do this, you know

I’ve mentioned before that I have a really bad habit of reading internet forums, usually on whatever my interest du jour is.

For a while it was running. I would obsessively read the Runner’s World forums. There were a few topics I naturally gravitated to: beginners, off topic, nutrition, and weight loss. I never participated- that’s just not my style. After a while though, you get to know the players. It’s like a tv series without pictures. All you get is a small avatar, but you get a sense of who they are. And sometimes, usually on Fridays, there’s a meltdown. I would get sucked into the drama. Who cares about running…I want to “watch” people fight!

Since I’ve pretty much stopped running and started eating “primal” my focus has shifted to the forum on Mark Sisson’s blog is one of my favorites. Plus he has the body of an adonis, so there’s a bit of eye candy on every page.

The forum there has all kinds- people who have had amazing success eating this way, people who want to discuss the sciencey stuff, Crossfit geeks. And then there’s the other group- the people who obsess over every bite they eat. They ask questions like “I ate 3 strawberries yesterday. Will that stall my weight loss?” I think the post that put me over the edge the other day was someone who was ranting that even though they felt awesome when they eat a clean primal diet, their life just doesn’t suit this type of eating. Apparently they are too busy and stressed out to deal with it and for some reason they were feeling resentful.

My initial thought after reading this post was “Well, just don’t do it.” Seems like they weren’t really into it so why bother?

Now, this post was an extreme example of someone obsessively freaking out. But to the others, my response is still somewhat similar- don’t worry about it so much. Just eat real food. If you’re not seeing the results you want, switch something up. But freaking out over every single thing you eat? To me seems like it’s missing the point.

I think for me this is where my shift in thinking and actions has come. I don’t have to eat this way. I could continue eating frozen pizzas and pints of ice cream. I can do whatever I want. I am choosing to eat this way because it makes me feel better and I want to live each day feeling as great as I can. And saying to myself each time I eat that it’s a choice makes the choice that much easier. I’m not forcing myself to do something, which in the past always led to disaster.

This idea really sank in on day 22 when I could finally eat whatever I wanted. So many options- I could have nachos, pizza, ice cream. But then I really thought about it. Why would I want to eat those foods? What would I get out of them? Sure, they would taste good in the moment, but I’d end up feeling physically like crap after. And this turned out to be true a couple of weeks ago when I was with the boyfriend. We gorged on tacos and nachos. It was an enjoyable moment we shared together, and yeah I felt like shit after. I don’t regret it one bit…but now I know and next time I eat that it will be a conscious choice and not just and impulsive decision.

Not sure if this post made any sense. Really, my point is that we are each only bound to our own rules. I’ll make choices that are the best for me, learn from my mistakes, not worry too much about things, and all will be well.

By the way, I’m down 11 pounds since I started…must be doing something right 🙂


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