Budget Day 2


Not sure why labelled this day 2 since I’m not just planning on doing this for a set number of days and then quitting. I guess the day 2 really just means that it’s the second day I’m trying this whole cash system.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I’m sort of giving this a mini trial right now with the money I have left before payday on Tuesday. After yesterday I managed to spend almost all of money I had put in my grocery envelope (and in fact did spend every cent in my eating out envelope. I did some math and figured I could pull a few extra dollars out of my bank account to get me to Tuesday. So, I grabbed a $20 and went to the store.

I only needed a few things. I have the sweet potatoes and mushrooms I bought yesterday, as well as some eggs and bacon from before. I just needed a few things to supplement. Here’s what I got:

2 L of Seltzer water- $1.19 (I had one lime and some tequila left, why not a Saturday margarita?, plus I enjoy the carbonation instead of straight up water)

Bakenetts Pork Skins- $2 (a yummy, crunchy, alternative to tortilla chips. I also might try to use them as a substitute for breadcrumbs in an upcoming soup recipe)

Dish soap- $1.99 – (yeah, gotta wash the dishes sometime)

Frozen Strawberries- $2.99 (Usually I mix the frozen berries with Greek Yogurt, honey, and cocoa powder to make a sort of frozen yogurt type thing. Safeway had the yogurt I like for $3.99 but I decided to just go for the berries by themselves. I guess you can chalk it up to laziness since washing to the food processor is a pain in the booty)

Butter- $3.79 (I wanted to get the the Kerrygold grassfed butter but it was $5! I know they have it cheaper at Trader Joes, but that involves walking up a big hill…again, laziness factored in here. I opted instead for Tillamook butter.)

1 Eggplant- $2.07 (It was $1.99/lb at 1.4lbs. The eggplant is just for something different. I can usually get 2-3 meals out of each eggplant.)

Total spent (with taxes) = $14.22

I tried to take a picture of everything I bought, but wouldn’t you know it, all of my picture taking devices (camera, phone, ipod) were dead. Oh well. Maybe once one is charged up I’ll take a pic of what’s left.

I think I have enough food to get me to Tuesday. I have some $$ left just in case I need to pick up some extra stuff. This will be a huge adjustment to how I normally shop, which is buy mostly whatever I want, whenever I want. i think it might take me a few weeks (or months) to figure out how much money I really need for groceries and to get used to being a bit more patient and less impulsive when shopping. It should be a fun experiment and will hopefully lead to success in a couple of different ways.



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