Primal on a Budget


I’m not poor, but I’m certainly not a rich lady either. I am your typical almost thirty-something, working full-time, paying off student loans, and slowly chipping away at some credit card debt accumulated during a time in my not so distant less responsible past. I make a decent amount of money, yet every two weeks right before payday I find myself counting my pennies just to get the basics. It’s stressful, and is definitely not helping me achieve the health I want.

I’ve often thought that my budget woes and weight problems were inextricably linked. See, I spend most of my money on food. Little treats here and there when I’m bored at work, or buying breakfast every morning instead of cooking all add up. My kombucha habit is currently costing  me almost $20 a week! I feel like if I can improve one are, I’ll naturally improve the other.

I’ve tried a few different things over the years. I’ve created countless budgets, spreadsheets, spending journals, etc. Much like my food journals, I gave up pretty quickly because tracking just isn’t my thing.

I’ve got some pretty big life changes coming up that will require me to have saved some money. It’s time to get serious about paying down my credit card debt and reigning in my spending (I’m also working on some ways to increase my income, but one step at a time!). I’ve decided to give Dave Ramsey’s envelope system a try.

I don’t get paid again until Tuesday, but I decided to do a mini version of the envelopes to use between now and then…you know, for practice. Um, it’s only been a day (less than, really) and I’m almost completely out of money from the two envelopes I created- grocery and eating out/treats. I only put $20 in each, but I figured that would be enough to get me to Tuesday morning. It’s going to be a pretty quiet weekend I guess.

We all know that one of the biggest “complaints” people have about eating healthy (especially paleo/primal) is the cost. I’ve even said that myself, often abandoning any kind of healthy eating plan when the money starts to dwindle. The truth is, I end up spending more money on unhealthy junk crap food that doesn’t fill me up or do anything for me nutritionally. I’m hoping that I can put together a plan that proves I can eat healthy on a budget.

I’m going to officially start the envelope system on payday. In the meantime, and since I don’t have much going on this weekend, I’m going to do some planning by going to a few grocery stores and pricing some out some things. Should be fun (and I get to indulge in my nerdy planning side!)

Also, I miss writing. I think this will be a good project that will get me back in the groove of writing and posting regularly (even if the only one that ever reads it is me…and maybe the boyfriend).


2 thoughts on “Primal on a Budget

  1. I like this post. I have spent the past two years juggling money and time to improve my health and I have improved my health, but I am trying to find the way for it to be sustainable because right now, time and money aren’t working in my favor for this. I appreciate your posting.

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