Feelin’ Groovey

So, I cheated a bit on the budget thing, but I’m more than ok with that. It all started when we had a birthday celebration this morning for our boss. Her favorite pastries, oj, champagne. All yummy. I had one bite of doughnut that eventually turned into eating the whole thing. The oj didn’t help. I was a sugared up mess (I have more thoughts about this that I’ll write about another time.)

For lunch I had leftovers. They were gross. See, last night I ended up going out to eat with a friend to some Vietnamese joint. I opted for some kind of beef and pepper stir fry that had some sort of weird sweet sauce on it. It wasn’t great the first time and it was even worse the second time.

Needless to say I was feeling pretty wrecked in the afternoon. My mood was crap, I had a headache. It was just a crap show in every direction.

As I started my walk home (I am avoiding the bus at all costs after this morning I caught some creepy guy taking pictures of unsuspecting girls…gross), I decided to just let myself splurge on some yummy, solid, primal food. Of course, since payday isn’t until tomorrow this meant putting it on my credit card.

I have to admit, it felt liberating to shop without having add things up. I bought the ingredients for primal chili and chilled garlic soup. The jury is still out on the chili since it’s in the crockpot (beef AND chorizo…it’s gonna be AWESOME) but the soup turned out pretty amazing. I imagine it will be even better after it’s chilled for a bit.

Now the splurge is over and it’s back to the real world. The credit cards (yes there is more than one) have been put in the freezer and tomorrow starts the envelope budget system.

Overall I’m feeling pretty good this evening, now that I have some good food in me and I worked out for the first time in….well, a really really long time. I’m pretty much rockin’ it tonight and I plan to keep it going for a while!

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