The scale…friend or foe?

In my previous posts I often mentioned the scale. I made many statements like “I know I shouldn’t weigh myself everyday…ok, I won’t do it tomorrow!” This was often followed by a confession the following day that I had, in fact, stepped on the scale that morning. Oops. It was just such an ingrained habit that added no value to my life. My mood for the day would often be dictated by what the scale said (even though logically I knew that the number I saw wasn’t the whole story about what was happening in my body).

ImageAfter a recent trip to Vegas (where I indulged…oh did I indulge!) I stepped on the scale. I didn’t like what it said. So I just said screw it and tossed the scale in some corner of the closet (or under the bed, I really can’t remember). And I’ve stayed off ever since (being lazy and forgetful finally has an upside!).

I believe there are about 3 kinds of relationship one can have with the scale:

1. Motivation- the number, whether up or down, motivates one to make healthy positive choices.

2. Indifference- the number has absolutely no bearing on one’s mood and is just one more fact they carry with them throughout the day.

3. Crazy-making- this is the category I’m in! No matter what it said, it set off a firestorm in my mind. Why did it go up? Yay it went down! OMG it isn’t moving at all!!!!!

Too often the number didn’t match how I felt- strong, healthy, energetic.

So, for now the scale is living out of site and I have to say, I feel all the better for it.


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