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Primal Challenge Day 1


Aaaaaaand I’m back to posting everyday. Even though what I eat for every meal for the next 21 days will likely be completely boring to everyone but myself (and even I think it’s boring) I actually really enjoyed it last time I did it…so here it is:

Day 1
Sausage, bacon, Kombucha…ok I have to admit that this was from the hot bar at the grocery store. Not the best option, but I was in a hurry. I promise I’ll come up with something better tomorrow!

Beef stew- made this overnight in the crockpot with stew beef, beef broth, onion, tomato paste, and spices…yummY

Baked sweet potato fries with a sprinkle of cheese
Greek yogurt, frozen strawberries, with honey and cocoa powder

Snack: Candy corn*

The highlight of my day was a free consultation with a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. While she didn’t have time to get too in depth about my diet and lifestyle habits, she did give me some very helpful info and things to think about. I would love to continue with a few more sessions but it’s kind of spendy.

The other great thing about meeting her was getting to see an NTP in action. Since I’m going to start my NTP training in a couple of weeks I thought it might be good to talk to an actual living breathing NTP. It was interesting for sure.

Now, some of my friends might be shocked when they hear this, but I can apparently be pretty stubborn. Crazy, I know. And usually this translates to me digging my heels in or completely shutting down when someone tries to tell me what to do. With that in mind, I tried to go into the NTP session with an open mind. I tried to quiet the voice in my head that was yelling this like “Yeah, lady, I know that eating beef fried rice, crab wontons, two egg rolls, and god knows what else fried is bad for me…but I did it anyway and that’s the problem!!!”   Thankfully, Lisa didn’t lecture me on how bad that was. Instead, she gave me helpful advice on pairing starchy carbs and protein, and what is best for digestion.

She also explained things like cortisol in a way that was very helpful to me and really opened up my eyes to the roles that lack of sleep and stress were playing in my life.

And of course, not surprising, we talked a lot about sugar. I thought I had found a healthy alternative to my ice cream craving with my Greek yogurt concoction. Turns out it’s doing more harm than good, so tonight I used up the last of the yogurt and made one final batch (for a while). If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it right!

Lot’s to think about for sure!

*Yes, I realize there is nothing even remotely primal about candy or corn but it was a weak moment. See, candy corn is one of my weaknesses, and with Halloween coming up it’s EVERYWHERE. I’ve also been pretty stressed at work. So, in a moment of weakness I grabbed a bag from the store (confession: It was really a moment. I had been thinking about it all afternoon.) I ate a couple of handfuls, felt sick, and then tossed the rest in the dumpster. I think I’ve had my fill for the season.



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