21 days trial

Primal Challenge Day 4

Back on track!

Had the last of the yogurt. Wasn’t too hungry after last night’s binge.

Spoke too soon about not being hungry! Apparently, two spoonfuls of yogurt is not enough…who knew? I had the leftover beef stew that I didn’t eat yesterday. Not sure I’ll make it like that again. I’ve had wicked heartburn each time I’ve eaten it.

That wasn’t quite enough so I hopped on down to Jimmy Johns for a vegetarian “unwhich.” That hit the spot 🙂

I went out with some friends to a fancy Mexican restaurant. Now, Mexican food can be my undoing so I was a bit nervous I would be tempted. To help, I looked at the menu ahead of time and made a plan. I ended up with a chicken chop salad and a bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with crema, and club soda to top it off. YUM!

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good today. I had a moment while I was standing on the street waiting for my friend. I was thinking back on my life and some mistakes I’ve made and for an instant felt regretful, like I had wasted time in the past doing the wrong things. Then it hit me- something so obvious it’s almost embarrassing to say it. I suddenly just realized- if I don’t want to look back on my life and regret the things I’ve done, I shouldn’t live in a way today that I’ll regret later.

Obvious, right? But there’s something about being healthy that I always think of as being a future thing, not a right now thing. It’s easy to justify eating the nachos today because I’m going to eat healthy tomorrow and every day after that. But every day is today and tomorrow never seems to come. It’s time to start living in the moment. The decisions I make today matter, and if I don’t make good ones today then I will look back later and regret it.

Kind of heavy for a Friday night, eh?


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