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Primal Challenge Day 5

Bacon and potatoes. I know there’s some controversy about the healthiness of potatoes, but I consider them a whole food…and they’re tasty 🙂

Egg foo young. I had two “patties” from the Asian grocery store. YUM! Good to know this exists for those nights when I’m feeling lazy. Yes, I realize I could easily make this on my own, but there is something so decadent about having someone else make something for you…even just the fact that my boyfriend heated them up for me made me happy beyond belief.
I chased them down with a small box of coconut water.

Can it be classified as dinner if it happens at 9:30pm? I guess in Europe 🙂 One of the things that I love most about my boyfriend is that he puts a lot of love and care into the food he cooks for me, and therefore. it often takes longer to make than what I do for myself…and it’s always worth the wait!

Tonight we were inspired by…well, I don’t remember where we saw it, but we decided to make bacon wrapped tacos…yes, a taco shell made of bacon.

It was awesome!!! Not sure how often I would do it, but it was decadent and tasty. I also had one lettuce wrapped ground beef taco to go with it.

Additionally, I had two hard ciders, so I am feeling pretty happy as I type this 🙂


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