21 days trial · cooking

Primal Challenge Day 9

Oh man, my ass is being kicked- work, primal challenging, life in general. This post should really be titled- sometimes it’s ok to just have mushrooms for dinner.

yogurt, bacon, kombucha

Salad from Chipotle- beef, lettuce, peppers, onions, pico, guac, cheese

string cheese, jerky, kombucha- I was going to a peer learning event where I knew I would be surrounded by candy. I didn’t necessarily need to snacks for hunger, but I wanted a back up in case I was too tempted. And it worked!

Mushrooms sauteed with roasted garlic and butter

I’ve been completely exhausted lately. I’m hoping it’s because I’m switching over from sugar burning to fat burning. But more likely it’s because of work stress. We just kicked it into high gear for our fall campaign. I haven’t been working more hours but I have been thinking more about work which messes with my sleep. Plus I find it completely exhausting to go to a job everyday that I really don’t like…especially one that requires me to care.

I’m starting to take the steps to find a new job or career for me. But alas, this is my current reality and I’m trying to make the best of it.

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