21 days trial

Primal Challenge Day 11

So, I began today with a renewed enthusiasm and an extremely early start time. For some reason my brain decided that I was done sleeping around 4am. I tried all of my usual tricks to go back to sleep, but there was just no doing.

Hey, I actually had time to make my own breakfast! I had baked sweet potato fries with butter. On the way to the office I picked up a kombucha.

My boss decided to treat us to lunch, which was great because I didn’t pack anything! We went to a Vietnamese restaurant across the street from our building. Not a lot of good choices, so I opted for beef curry with white rice. I ate a couple spoonfuls of rice but mostly stuck to the curry.

What do you know, I was hungry a short time later. For dinner I had lettuce wrap tacos with ground beef, radishes, tomatoes, and cheese. Tacos are by far my absolute favorite food in the entire world…mmmm I love tacos.

I downloaded an e-book from the library today- You are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren.   It’s very interesting, and I was surprised to see that he recommendation and essentially Paleo diet. The only thing that is so far out of line with other things I’ve read is to eat 5-6 times a day. I think I’ll stick to 3 for now, but hey if that doesn’t work I’m willing to try something else!

And also…it’s Friday! WOOHOOO!


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