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Primal Challenge Day 14

Today was a good day (well, technically yesterday since I’m writing this the morning after :)). I got plenty of sleep, and woke up refreshed. I even took a stab at repeating my morning routine from the weekend. It went well. I made sure I woke up with enough time to prep and eat breakfast. I relaxed and drank tea. It was good. Normally I save breakfast for last, which usually leaves me with a convenient excuse to grab something on the run. Plus I’m a messy cook and don’t want to get my work close all food covered. I’m digging this new routine and will definitely try to keep it up!

Bacon and tomato slices (not a lot, but I wasn’t very hungry). Fish oil capsules.


Salad with bacon, tomatoes and green goddess dressing; leftover roasted potatoes

I sort of combined two recipes here and I think it turned out pretty ok. The first was ground beef sauteed with zucchini and butter. I think I used waaaaay too much butter. I would have preferred my beef a bit more crispy instead of wet. I topped it with a shallot mushroom sauce. The sauce definitely saved the dish! Oh yeah- and I had a delightful carrot pesto salad on the side.

Sleepy time tea 🙂 (apparently the tea only helps you sleep is you actually attempt to go to bed instead of staying up late reading a trashy book that I won’t name here…oops!

I stumbled across this interesting piece in the NY Times. I’ve also read a couple of rebuttals, including this one. I think it’s an interesting debate about what kind of diet is optimal for human health. I think that most of the dogs in this fight can agree that a diet based on processed junk foods is bad and a diet based on whole foods is good. Really it seems to come down to the macronutrient ratio that works best for you. Low-fat/High-card? High-fat/Low-Carb? I think we are all an experiment of one and need to figure out what works best for us as individuals, using whole foods as the platform to create our diet. I’m hoping that as I go through school I can more easily define my thoughts on this.


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