Primal Challenge Day 16

And once again I’m writing this post the morning after. As usual, I have a really good reason. I had to go to an event for work last night and didn’t get home until after 10…and then of course I had to finish my trashy novel. And finish it I did. I was had to read it on my computer (long story involving accidentally downloading the Kindle version) so picture me on the couch, computer in lap, dozing off every few minutes only to wake up, read a page and then fall back to sleep. That’s how the last 10 pages or so went. Finally I gave up, thinking that nothing spectacular was going to happen on the last page.


I tried out my new morning routine again! I woke up, made some tea and started on breakfast. Salad with tomatoes, sausage, lettuce, and green goddess dressing. I like the idea of breakfast salad. Fast, easy, tasty. Will definitely be doing that again!

Went out with a friend to a Mediterranean cafe. I had a gyro plate with lamb & beef over salad. I did have a few bites of tabbouleh salad. Eh, not for me.

I ate dinner at the event. Mostly finger foods. Roast beef, roasted veggies, cheese, olives. I did have a glass of wine and a small fudgy brownie square.

I’m feeling pretty great these days. I’m still dealing with things like not liking my job, wanting to move, etc. But overall, I’m feeling pretty solid healthwise. I’m trying to take things one day at a time and not get so overwhelmed that I dive into a bag of candy corn. Blogging helps for sure. I’m also excited about starting classes, which I think is helping with my motivation.

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