Primal Challenge Day 17

Another day of rockin’ it!

bacon, sausage, and kombucha

Salad with lettuce, tomatoes, sausage, and green goddess dressing

Went to another work event. I had cut up veggies and cheese squares

Baked sweet potatoes with sausage and Greek yogurt blended with strawberries and cocoa powder

As I mentioned before, I have a coworker that’s taking a nutrition and fitness class at the community college. I looked up what the class was to see what kind of things she would be learning. If I found the right one, this is the description:

Improve muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility of the upper body, abdominals, back and lower body by using lightweight resistance equipment. Workouts consist of resistance exercise performed to music, stretching and fitness-related discussions.

Sounds promising, although I don’t put a lot of faith in resistance equipment and weight machines. Anyway, yesterday she told me that after her classes she would be starving but didn’t want to eat because the snack wouldn’t be worth the extra calories. She would wait forever to eat lunch for fear that she would be hungry again before leaving work.

Today, I asked her how class was going. She told me that her instructor talked about chocolate chip cookiehow important it was to eat immediately after workout. One of the suggestions she gave for a snack was chocolate chip cookies and milk. WTF? Cookies? Really? I’m no expert but it seems like that’s not a good idea. She also suggested some better things like oatmeal, but I think coworker stopped listening at cookies. She was so excited to go to Costco and buy and big box of cookies for her post workout meal.

It just boggles my mind. Really, there’s got to be a real, whole food that would be better for post-workout recovery. Of course, since I’m not picture of health I bit my tongue and just smiled. At least she’s taking step to improve her health. It’s a start.

I will just keep trucking on in my own journey for better health. And I wish the best of luck to her.


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