$49 Challenge & Planning

This post is a day late because I went to see “Oz: the Great and Powerful” last night. I spent the majority of my time after the movie figuring out how I could attach some wings to my cat because I think that would be very useful.

I added a couple of things to the mix:

1. Spaghetti squash 2lbs for $3.88

2. Chuck roast 1.85 lbs for $9.18

Total spent: $13.06

Total remaining: $7.61

Here is the menu for the day:

Breakfast: egg with leftover stir fry cooked in coconut oil

Lunch: spaghetti squash, roast beef, 1/4 onion, salt & pepper, ghee

ImageDinner: beef stir fry with onion, asparagus, radishes, green onion, spices, and sesame sauce cooked in coconut oil

Eating healthy meals on a budget definitely requires some planning. It’s something I’ve resisted for a loooong time. How can I plan for Thursday dinner on Sunday? That’s crazy!

Not planning ahead in a smart way led to a lot of wasted money and food. Every once in awhile I’d get inspired and bring home a haul of tasty food stuffs on Sunday afternoon. I’d look at it everyday and say, “oh, I’ll eat that tomorrow.” Tomorrow was always just one more day away. If I did make something, I’d eat it for a couple of days and then the leftovers would spend their remaining days in an unmarked mystery container in the back of the fridge. (Don’t lose faith in me here…I finally figured out a good plan!)

On day, as I feel down the rabbit hole of internet blogs I came across some great advice that has totally changed the way I plan meals. It took me a few months to finally get my act together to try it, but I’m so glad I did!

See, what I used to do is make one thing like lasagna and try to eat that for every meal for the week. Pretty easy to get sick of it, right?

So here’s what I started doing:

1. Start with proteins. Now I pick 2-3 proteins that I want to eat for the week.

2. Pick veggies that can be eaten alone or together

3. Mix and match proteins with veggies throughout the week to create a variety of meals

Sounds so obvious, right? But seriously, it totally changed the way I planned my meals.

Also, using a sharpie and masking tape to label my containers didn’t hurt either!

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