Day 5 & Things other than food

TGIF, amiright?

Here’s what I’ve got going for day 5:

Breakfast: Yep- you guessed it…egg & spinach cooked in coconut oil

Lunch: Soup! It was especially delicious today since it was so cold and rainy.

Dinner: Mmmm- sweet potato, spicy sausage, and the last of asparagus cooked in ghee

(pictures coming soon…having some technical difficulties!)

I’ve added the last of my groceries to the list:

1. 1 sweet potato- $2.01

2. 1 yellow onion- $.90

3. Chorizo sausage- $2.99

4. 1/2 dozen eggs- $1.69

Total spent $7.59

Total remaining: $.02 BOOM! Well, we’ll see how I feel come Sunday dinner…should be an interesting mix of food left!

Nutrition is but one part of the health puzzle. The other things we do (or don’t do) can also have a huge impact on our health, such as:

  • Hydration

  • Stress

  • Sleep

  • Exercise

  • Social support

  • Environment

Did you know that more than half of your body is made from water? Hydration is huge! Recommendations vary, but I’ve learned that your body weight/2 = minimum number of ounces you should drink per day, adding in more for diuretics like coffee, alcohol, and sugar.

Water performs a variety of functions in the body such as transporting nutrients, flushing toxins, regulating body temperature, and absorbing shock in joints and organs.

Stress can have a major impact on your health. I don’t think anyone is surprised by that. But just how much can surprise you. Constant stress puts a huge demand on your body’s energy stores, weakens your immune system, raises your blood sugar, distresses your liver and adrenal glands, and a host of other issues. Chris Kresser has a few great blog posts on managing stress.

Obviously, no one can live a stress free life. But minimizing chronic stressors and developing strong coping mechanisms will greatly enhance your health!

More on the other topics tomorrow!


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