$49 Challenge Day 6 & things other than food, cont.

Day 6- the weekend!

Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: Egg and spinach

Lunch: Soup

Saturday dinner

Dinner: sweet potatoes with chorizo meatballs

These chorizo meatballs are amazing and so simple to make. They are from the book Practical Paleo, on of my favorite nutrition/cookbooks. Chorizo, spices, splash of apple cider vinegar- BOOM, super tasty bitesized awesomeness!

Continuing on yesterday’s theme of other things one should consider when looking to improve their health:

Sleep- It’s extremely important and should not be overlooked! While you’re off dreaming about Tom Cruise trapping you in a prison made of cubicle walls while you use the songs from Sister Act to escape (true story, I had this dream one night) your body is busy working! Your liver is detoxing, your cells are regenerating, your immune system is rockin’. By slacking on sleep, you’re depriving your body of the time to catch up on all of those things it doesn’t have time for during the day. If your choices are sleep or work out…I say go with sleep (and really you can find 15 minutes later in the day to move around!) I love Mark Sisson’s Definitive Guide to Sleep.

Which brings me to the next topic exercise! I don’t think anyone disputes the importance of moving one’s body throughout the day. I think there are many differing opinions on how much and what kind of exercise is best for your health.

I find that I feel best when I follow Mark Sisson’s (yeah, I have such a nerd/nutrition crush on this guy) guide to fitness. I’ve added in a lot of walking to my routine. I’m very grateful that I live in a city that allows me to use my feet as my main mode of transportation. Walking to and from work gives me 4 miles of walking a day, 20 for the week. I usually walk more on the weekends, too, when the weather is nice. I’ve also added yoga into my routine to add strength, flexibility, and of course the meditation/relaxation bonuses!

My next two goals in the world of exercise are the add in sprints and heavy lifting. I think I’ll start with body weight stuff for the lifting portion. I’m looking forward to seeing how these additions affect my health and body composition,


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