My apartment, my self

If you ever want to know how I’m feeling about my health just take a look inside my apartment….if I even let you in the front door, that is.

I’ve noticed a strong and unmistakable connection between the state of my apartment and the state of my health at any given time.

I feel best when both my living space and my body space are both clean and free of junk.

Not my actual apartment.
Not my actual apartment.

The opposite is also true. When my apartment is messy, crap everywhere (not literally), with a fine layer of dust, odds are I’ve been eating too much Ben & Jerry’s and Thai food takeout.

I tend to approach both in a similar way as either an all or nothing sort of thing. When I clean, I really clean. Everything gets washed, vacuumed, scrubbed, until not one molecule of dust or grime can be found anywhere. I bask in my good work and vow to keep my apartment spotless for here on out.

Same with health. I clean out the cupboards until not one molecule of sugar remains, stock the fridge with bone broth, lots of greens, and pastured meats.  I vow that not a single processed item will cross my lips from here on out.

See the similarities?

Both start off great. I clean my kitchen every night, vacuum everyday, make all of my own food, pack some healthy snacks.

Then real life happens. Work gets busy. Lots of social plans with friends. Homework.

It starts out manageable enough. A pile of mail here, some dirty clothes there. A few drinks, a bite of cake.

Next thing I know, I’m literally surrounded by piles of laundry and dirty dishes while chowing down on a frozen pizza.

For me, my inner and outer house are so directly linked, that I almost wonder if my health would be exponentially improved if I just made my bed everyday.

Not my actual bed...although, wouldn't that be nice?
Not my actual bed…although, wouldn’t that be nice?

It makes so much sense that these things should be so linked for me. It just feels better to be in a space that is free of clutter both inside and out. More energy, more freedom to move about. And in both cases, the toxic load is much lighter, meaning my body isn’t so overwhelmed with all of the cleaning it has to do.

I do think a more balanced approach to cleaning and healthy living is in order. A little bit everyday can prevent things from building up to a point where they seem too overwhelming to change. Instead of waiting until I reach my breaking point, I can tidy up as I go or clean one section of my apartment a day (I say section because I have a studio…not rooms really, just various sections). And if I can’t ensure that every single meal I eat is completely organic and unprocessed, I can at least make sure I drink enough water or get in a healthy breakfast.

Even though that approach might not immediately feel like I’m make a big sweeping improvement to my life, those little steps add up and are a lot more sustainable in the real world. It’s not about perfection. It’s about building in daily habits that add to my quality of life.

On that note…I am off to put away my laundry!



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