I’m an NTP…whoop whoop!

It’s official- I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Honestly, I thought this 9-month certificate program was infinitely more challenging than undergrad and graduate school combined. I guess really caring about what you’re studying makes a difference…who knew?


And as an NTP, I’ve even scored my first client! Let me tell you- she’s stubborn, thinks she knows everything, and has a bit of a sass mouth. Oh yeah- my first client is me. Now that the stress of working a full-time job and being in school has subsided, I’m putting my learnin’ into action. 

I went full enchilada on myself (mmmm…enchiladas)- I did a full nutritional assessment, food journal, and even did an interview. 

“Seriously…is she talking to herself again?!?”

I’ve given myself recommendations, broken down into 2-week, 30-day, 60-day and 90-day goals. A huge part of my recommendations for myself is stress reduction. Always easier said than done, right?

My first 2-week goal is develop a nighttime ritual that includes turning off electronics early, keeping my phone and laptop out of the bedroom, and aiming for 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night.

My sleep habits, while infinitely better than where they were a few months ago, are still not great. I have the really bad habit of watching stuff on my laptop until I’m passed out on the couch (seriously, Game of Thrones…what?). Then I wake up a bit wired, move myself from the couch to the bed, usually with the laptop in tow so I can fall asleep to something else. This really messes with my ability to fall asleep and I’ve had way to many unnecessary all-nighters lately. It also leaves me feeling completely wiped the next day…no bueno.

The second big recommendation I’ve given myself is a hiatus from reading nutrition related books, blogs, articles, etc until after Labor Day. This one is going to be particularly hard. Ever since I first picked up Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food while housesitting for someone in 2007, I’ve pretty much read nothing but nutrition and health related non-fiction (with a few breaks here and there to read The Hunger Games….and Twilight and 50 Shades of Gray…you can judge me. I do). 

kitten with book
I am not ashamed at the number of cat photos I have in this post.

This recommendation came to be because I finally realized I was suffering from analysis paralysis. In a desperate attempt to find some kind of magic bullet to fix my health woes, mainly weight loss, eczema, and fatigue, I am constantly reading new books, blogs, health forums, and articles.  I’m always taking in new information but rarely acting on it. I don’t think I’m alone in that just reading the information makes me feel better, even if I never do anything with it. And that, my friends, gets you nowhere.

So I’m taking the summer off of learning any new information. I am going to read piles of chick-lit, hang out by the water soaking up the sunshine. I’m going to do yoga, train for my half-marathon, shop at the farmers market and cook yummy healthy foods. 

2013 is the summer of fun and chillin’ out!

*No cats were harmed in the making of this post.*


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