21 Day Sugar Detox…let’s do it!

Tonight is Detox-Eve (official holiday!). I’m looking down the road of a 21 Sugar Detox

Why now? Because I bought it over a year ago and have started and stopped twice. Because the 2 month bender I’ve been on has left me feeling like crap. And lastly because of this blog post by Mark Sisson.

Summer was going to be my time to get back on track after giving myself a free pass toward the end of school. Here we are, mid-July and nothing much has changed.

Plus, I need a project to focus on. A lot of things in my life are up in the air right now. I’m handling the parts I can control, but unfortunately, I can’t make someone email me back. My empty inbox is mocking me. Like I said, I need a project.

So here we go. 

I’m excited to tackle this challenge in a real way. My past two attempts were pretty half-assed. Sure, I was doing the “detox” but I was never really fully committed to the process or changing any of my habits. It’s as if a part of me thought downloading the pdf was going to be the hardest part and once I clicked save a miracle would happen to get me through the rest.

This time is about truly facing that desperate moment when I feel like a caged animal and I feel like I would murder the next person I see for some M&Ms and truly doing something different. Yeah- that’s the moment I need to change. Because it’s an uncomfortable place to be, and it’s not the space I want to live in anymore. 

I’m remapping my brain- SCIENCE!

I’m looking forward to the challenge of the next 21 days! I don’t plan on blogging everyday (because, really how interesting can it be to read about me not doing something?). But I will try to update with my experiences including successes, struggles, and probably lots of pictures of my cat. Here’s one now…

Another photo? Seriously lady, you are two clicks away from being a cat lady!

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