Sugar Detox- Day 7 Check-in

This is the morning of day 7, and really it started the way most mornings should start. No work for me today, so I woke up along with the sun and no alarm. My sweet little kitten was curled up by my head, and even she let me sleep in. Ah, good times.

Days 4-6 of the sugar detox have gone really well, considering it’s been a pretty exciting and emotionally intense few days.

Day 4- First day back from island living.

Even though it was just one night, my time on the island really put me into super relaxed mode. That’s why I wasn’t necessarily prepared for an offer from my boss to work remotely or the 3 hour session I did that night with a hypnotherapist.

In the end, the working from home option won’t work but just knowing that there are lots of options to consider makes me feel much better.

The hypnotherapist was an interesting experience for sure. I initially went with the idea of using hypnosis to change my bad habits (like fueling myself with tacos and ice cream). I walked out with some tools to help release negative energy/emotions. We ended up going much deeper into things than I was expecting. It was a valuable experience, but also very intense.


Breakfast: scrambled egg on arugula with bacon and shredded beef, tomato slices

Lunch: 1/2 chicken lime salad, cup tomato basil soup

Dinner: leftover sweet potato noodles with bacon, pesto, tomatoes, and cheese

Late night snack because I didn’t actually get home until 9: 2 beef tacos wrapped in cabbage with arugula and cheese. Kombucha and sparkling water for dessert.

Day 5:

Monday’s visit to the hypnotherapist threw my schedule off track and I didn’t get nearly enough sleep. 6 am came way too soon.

Overall the day was a success. Eggs and beef for breakfast. Cabbage wraps for lunch. Bacon snacks for snack. Went on a crazy long walk. I don’t think I ended up really eating dinner other than snacking on some beef and coconut manna (not together) before bed.

I did end up making these flourless brownies:

Flourless brownies…aka chocolatey heaven in a dish.

I’ve tried my fair share of alternative brownie recipes, not because I think they are a health food but more to soften the blow. Alternative recipes usually turn out…meh. Not work the trouble. But these…these brownies are legit. And honestly, I don’t think people would be able to tell there was no flour in them unless I said anything. But even better than the brownies themselves was the fact that I didn’t feel compelled to eat the entire pan! I know that sweeteners, even natural ones like honey, are not included in the detox, but I had to make sure the brownies were ok before I gave them to other people. I had one small corner of the pan. In the past, I would have eaten the ENTIRE thing in less than 24 hours. This time, one bite and I wasn’t even interested in having more.

There was no white knuckling through it, knowing they were just a few feet away in the fridge. This is huge for me. I’ve always marveled at people who could walk away from a sugar treat and act like it was no big deal. Tonight, I was one of them!

I made the brownies for a friend, so they were out of my house within 24 hours.

Wednesday: Day 6

Today was our staff appreciation day. There’s only 10 of us, so we usually get to do something cool. This year, we trekked over to Bainbridge island on the ferry (which is always a fun treat) and went to a cooking demonstration for lunch. Now, I will start out by saying that this place was awesome, people were friendly, and the food was amazing.

But….we waited 45 minutes while he made… a beet salad. It was delicious, don’t get me wrong, but really…45 minutes for a beet salad that I’m sure was not cheap?

Waiting somewhat impatiently for my lunch.

Sorry there’s no picture of the actual food. By the time it arrived, it was all I could do to not shove it in my mouth in two huge handfuls.

Confession time: there was a bit of sugar in the vinegar reduction he made…but there was only a tiny bit on the salad. There was also a blue berry crumble thing for dessert. That’s not really anything that I would be into even if I wasn’t sugar detoxing, so I didn’t feel like I was missing out.

This experience really brought to light just how much I hate not being able to control what I eat. But, I do give myself kudos for sticking with the detox as much as I could, since in the past I would have used this as an excuse to just chuck the whole thing so I wouldn’t feel different.

Now, I will say that if we ever do this again and they make a brownie dessert…I will indulge 🙂

Dinner was thai beef curry and it was spectacular. I spent the evening helping a friend prep her new house for move in and she rewarded us with free dinner. Who could say no to that?

So, day 7 is starting. Overall, I feel less puffy. I don’t weigh or measure myself so I can’t provide numbers. But I just feel less bloated and puffy. My energy is still not that great, but I have no doubt that has more to do with less than stellar sleep habits than anything. That will be something I tackle more next week when I’m in the groove of the detox.

A view from the ferry:

Mt. Rainier
Mt. Rainier

I should take lessons from this one on how to chill out:

Zoe taking a break
Sometimes life is hard.

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