A Year in Review and Looking Ahead to 2014

I’m in the process of writing an epic blog post- something with more in depth nutrition information. In the meantime, I though this post would be appropriate.

In 2013, I experienced several major life events…probably a few years’ worth. Some great, some not so great. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to a fun, but less eventful, 2014.

ImageI know it’s totally cliche, but I love celebrating the start of a new year. I can feel the clock reset as I come down off the high of the holiday season. I’ve never really been one to set New Years resolutions or stick to them if I do set them, I love the spirit of setting a goal for self improvement.

I’ve often toyed with the idea of not setting just 1, but 12 different resolutions. One for every month of the year. I love reading stories of self-experimentation like The Year of Living Biblically (really anything by A.J. Jacobs) or Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. What I love most is reading about the personal development and insights gained when one is challenged to step outside of their comfort zone. I know it sounds corny, but damn I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff.

With that in mind, I’ve been brainstorming what 12 “resolutions” or goals I’d like to tackle in 2014:

January: Blog once per week

February: In bed by 9 pm Sunday through Thursday

March: Month long sugar detox

April: Finish NTP business course

May: 15 minutes at least of yoga every day

June: Finish NTP website

July: Walk at least 20 minutes per day

August: One hike per week

September: No Facebook, except for work

October: Unprocessed October- WOOT!

November: Sauna and oil pulling every day

December: Train for and run a 5K

This should be a fun year!

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